Hiit Treadmill Workout : Image 17.5 Treadmill : Dog Treadmill Prices.

Hiit Treadmill Workout

hiit treadmill workout


  • A job or situation that is tiring, boring, or unpleasant and from which it is hard to escape
  • a mill that is powered by men or animals walking on a circular belt or climbing steps
  • a job involving drudgery and confinement
  • A device formerly used for driving machinery, consisting of a large wheel with steps fitted into its inner surface. It was turned by the weight of people or animals treading the steps
  • An exercise machine, typically with a continuous belt, that allows one to walk or run in place
  • an exercise device consisting of an endless belt on which a person can walk or jog without changing place


  • A session of vigorous physical exercise or training
  • exercise: the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit; “the doctor recommended regular exercise”; “he did some exercising”; “the physical exertion required by his work kept him fit”
  • Workout is an album by jazz tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley released on the Blue Note label in 1961. It features performances by Mobley, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Grant Green and Philly Joe Jones.
  • Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness. It is performed for various reasons. These include strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance and for enjoyment.


  • A form of cardio training that involves cycles of high intensity bursts and low to moderate intensity recovery. The ratio is usually 2:1.

hiit treadmill workout – Trainer's Edge

Trainer's Edge – Cardio Interval Training with Petra Kolber
Trainer's Edge - Cardio Interval Training with Petra Kolber
The Trainer’s Edge Video Series was designed to bring the benefits of one-on-one training with the masters of the fitness industry into anyone’s home. These talented and experienced trainers work with celebrity clients, professional sports athletes and other trainers to guide them to achieve weight loss, a tone body and overall optimal fitness. They are the trend setters and the source of what is new and innovative in fitness today. Petra Kolber designed this 40 minute cardio workout with effort intervals that boost the intensity for maximum calorie burn and weight loss and focuses on strength segments to tone and shape the body. The program is a cardiovascular workout designed to make the most of your time and maximize your results. Petra Kolber is a Reebok University Master Trainer © and an international presenter best known for her creativity and common sense approach to teaching. Consumers know her from her many award winning fitness videos and television shows. In her own life, she has used exercise to help her overcome cancer and views fitness as an indispensable tool for health and well being.

Week 8 DAY 4

Week 8 DAY 4
Hey Guys!

Damn I’m on a roll with blogging these days lol just thought I’d post this progress picture today because I havn’t posted one in a while.

Had one fine session of HIIT, was getting bored of running on the treadmill so I did my HIIT today on the beach. Was frikken intense.

Beein dieting hard these last couple of weeks, wanted to go into the new month with a good shred. Recently also read the amazing book written by Tom Venuto " Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle". Have adapted his eating plan which is really good. Recommend that you all read it if you havn’t already

Thats all for now, gonna hit that workout hard tomorrow!

Keep it clean

Workout space

Workout space
Whenever I don’t go to the gym (which happens quite a bit unfortunately), this is my home workout solution: Wii Fit, yoga, and stability ball (Not seen: Nintendo Wii and TV). I also have a dance workout DVD, but that requires shoes. Doesn’t replace the gym, but it’s good for core strength.
hiit treadmill workout

hiit treadmill workout

INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program
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